Possible Video Topics & Suggestions

First videos...

Music-related topics

"CDs I bought at the drop of a hat"

Perhaps an ongoing series? Probably. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Shadow of Intent's Reclaimer
  • Wind Rose's Wintersaga
  • Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • This is particularly interesting because I hadn't even heard the soundtrack or seen the movie but bought the album the second I got my hands on it.
  • Steam Powered Giraffe's Album One
  • The Hu's The Gereg

"CDs I bought 'cause the album art or the reputation sold me"

Another ongoing series, maybe? ๐Ÿค” This doesn't happen often.

  • The Hu's The Gereg
    • Somehow this might fit into both categories? Maybe.

Societal topics of interest

"Why is there a lack of spiritual privacy?"

  • Talk about what I've noticed, for instance, about the witchcraft community and how people freaking show off actual pages of their Book of Shadows. Now, telling how to make one or explaining what could go inside...The latter is kind of eh to me, but the former is fine, just fine! Great, in fact! But for god's sake! The contents of a BoS and a BoM are supposed to be private!
    • Remind people this is my opinion.
    • This is just one example of the lack of spiritual privacy I've noticed, especially on YouTube.
    • Do more research and looking into things on...say, Tumblr and Instagram, too.

Topics related to me

"Why I tell everyone I have MDD"

There's a legit reason for this...

  • I do this because if I don't, I feel people may wonder why I am always down, say certain things, put myself down, etc. and might disappear and reappear often.
    • Think of this as insurance.
    • This'll probably be a short video. Which should be a good thing. 


Once I have an established presence...

Topics related to me

"Why I am a proshipper and what that means about me"

  • ...Pretty self-explanatory. Yeeeeap.
  • Don't be defensive. Simply explain.
  • Be ready to face a LOT of backlash...
    • This might be a video I should do early? ๐Ÿค”
Societal topics of interest

  • Talk about how people often lack the ability to communicate on the internet and instead of having discussion with others, especially if they are the one to initiate communication with that person, they instead block them from their social media. It's cowardice.
    • Don't linger on this too much; it will sound personal.
    • This topic may be countered easily based on actual examples even I can think of, so think hard about whether I even need to make it or not.
    • There might not be a reason to have a long video about this. Maybe five minutes long? Shorter?
  • Talk about the decline of modesty in society, that once upon a time, there were simply things you didn't show outside of your house that were part of your body. I kind of miss those days, and not because I'm prudish. I am legitimately tired of seeing your goddamned buttcrack and underwear when you bend over is all. That's fucking nasty.
    • Be ready to counter the argument about how people should be able to dress whatever they want.
    • Emphasize how masculine and femme people do this, goddammit.
    • Another video that doesn't have to be long.

Music-related topics

  • Perhaps talk about the oversexualization of the feminine body in the metalhead community. That if one tried to search for metalheads on, say, Instagram, they'd find a lot of women who are dressed in an enticing manner. As someone who was raised as a girl, this was a BIG problem for me.
    • DO RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING THIS VIDEO. Don't just take Instagram as the end-all be-all.


Have any ideas for me? Questions, maybe? 

Comment below!


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