About Me

Yo, folks! I guess this is a sort of simple "before you follow/about me" entry, blog edition. I sort of touched on these things in my introduction entry but I thought I'd go into slightly more detail here. 🙂 

My name is Elian Hollow. I am 29-years-old and why do I emphasize that? To let you know I really am getting too old for juvenile bullshit, thank you. That, and so young'uns don't think I'm their age. 😐

Before you follow, be aware... (a.k.a. My Beliefs)

  • ...that I am a proshipper
  • ...that I believe in the separation of fiction and reality
  • ...that I have somewhat unusual opinions, such as that 16 isn't too young to be in a relationship (but it's a situational thing, not across the board)
  • ...that Black Lives Matter
  • ...that I believe in Stopping Asian Hate
  • ...that trans rights are human rights
  • ...that I believe Trump can essentially go to whatever terrible afterlife you believe in
  • ...that I hate Trump
  • ...that if you support Trump/Trump's ideals/similar ideals, fuck you, you're killing people, you fucking idiot

My Interests

  • Metal music 🤘🏾 (obviously)
  • Wearing black and silver 🧥 (and gold sucks)
  • Different cultures 🕌 (and respecting them)
  • Strong opinions 🙅🏾‍♂️ (and talking calmly about them)
  • Memento mori 💀 (and other dark things)
  • Classic Disney ✨ (fuck modern Disney)
  • Dressing however the hell you want 🎩 (feminine, masculine, androgyne)
  • Positive mental health 🧩
  • Video games, PC games, and playing cards!! 🎮
  • Talking about muuuuuusic 🎶 (all genres, all day!)
  • Halloween! 🎃 Hoihoioihoi!
  • Hoodoo and African spirituality. ✊🏾🧔🏾

General things to know about me

  • I am overweight (230+ lbs.) and want to lose at least 60 lbs.
  • I suffer from major depressive disorder and mild anxiety, not this fucking trendy anxiety shit
  • I suffer from suicidal ideation...very strongly
  • I swear pretty often in writing, not so much aloud
  • As I've said several times, I am transmasculine (he/him)
  • I have not yet medically transitioned nor does my family know I am trans
  • Despite looking very feminine right now, and occasionally dressing femme/androgyne, I hope to have a more masculine look once I medically transition
  • I do not have a religion
  • I pretty much never wear makeup (and I really, truly mean that) and am trying to normalize this in the alt scene(s)
  • My aspiration is to be an online personality in the alt scene never seen before!
  • I am deeply interested in African spirituality, namely Hoodoo
  • I am boring as fucking rocks 😐