Tuesday, September 7, 2021

SpaceHey, the MySpace revival site!

Yo, folks! There's a site called SpaceHey! It's an...interesting site. I like it. It's a nostalgia site modeled after MySpace in its early days and heydays. I remember those days, man. I can't wait to see where the site goes since the site's still very very young, not even a year old...! I think.

I made a profile there! It's going to be a place for my social stuff. I will never make a Facebook or Twitter account. At least no time soon. No. Time. Soon. I hate both sites. Maybe in the future, SpaceHey will change, but...it's good for now. 

My profile! Ain't it swanky?

My favorite thing to do right now is to look through the blogs! How awesome is it that they have blogs?? And forums?? AND GROUPS?! I've posted in both as well as uploaded some blog entries (copies of the ones from here). Unfortunately, the forums and groups seem a lot less active than the blogs, but that's alright. For now, hopefully.

The only problem is that I have to make the font larger, at least to match the font size I have here. That makes sense... ๐Ÿ˜–

I'm going to make a separate blog entry from the ones here on SpaceHey asking for some older, more mature users to swarm! I've seen a lot of interesting folks on the site but they're all younglings. 

Ah, so...I think that's that?


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